Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the initiators?

Let us introduce ourselves: Johan van der Woude, Basthios Vloemans, Pete Mulder and Job van Oel.

Can I support as a company?

Definitely! The street will carry your company's name.

Where does the money go?

PayPal charges approx � 5 transaction fee, the production of the street sign costs around � 8. So approx. 87% of your money will go to Askar.

Who will administrate the fund?

Our local contact is Amjad Asmar. Only Amjad himself is monitoring the money that we sent to the Palestinian bank account of PCCS.

Amjad is the president of the board of the Palestinian Child Care Society. Besides he is president of the youth councel of Nablus (Sharek youth center in Nablus). Apart from these laborious offices he is manager of a pharmacy, which is located in the middle of Askar refugee camp.

How much money is needed?

To achieve the most important (see our project page), we need to collect at least € 15.000,- This is an estimate by a local engineer. When we manage to collect more money, the surplus will be spend on furniture, education material and toys for the children.

Which names are not allowed?

A yell, an encouragement, your company name, your own name.. you give your street the name you want. But we obviously can't accept insulting, discriminating or politically offensive texts.

When will I receive my pictures?

The production and placement might take a little while. We aim to deliver your pictures within three weeks. If -for some reason- fulfillment takes longer, we will inform you.

Will my picture appear on the website?

Yes: we display all sold streets on Google Maps by clickable pins. Your street is in there. Click any pin to open a picture of the street sign.